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Birmingham’s independent gift box company - FREE delivery on gift boxes over £30
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Introducing Dan, founder of 'from BRUM with LOVE'. Normally found wearing a cap and thinking about his next coffee, Dan is a family guy and when not starting a small business he is likely to be looking after his two young girls. Married to Lizzie, the “creative director” behind ‘from BRUM with LOVE’, and full-time anaesthetist, life is never dull in their household.


We asked Dan a few questions to better understand the vision behind the brand....

Q: What is from BRUM with LOVE about?

A: We want to make gifting awesome; an awesome experience for you, the ‘giver’, saving you time and effort tracking down a gift. Equally we want to make receiving a ‘from BRUM with LOVE’ gift box an awesome experience for your friend or family member as they unbox their thoughtfully and carefully curated gift box. We want to promote our awesome city and the awesome independent businesses that are thriving all around us by curating gift boxes that are beautiful, tasty and indulgent and packed with awesome products. 


Q: Why did you start from BRUM with LOVE?

A: The idea of ‘from BRUM with LOVE’ was birthed out of a faith conviction that I feel called to be ‘an employer’ - to create a business that could offer jobs to those who face barriers to employment. We have twinned this with our enjoyment of exploring the latest cafes, restaurants and independent shops that are constantly springing up in Birmingham and there you have it - 'from BRUM with LOVE' was born! Watch this space to see how our dream unfolds.


Q: What’s next for from BRUM with LOVE?

A: More gift boxes! We’ve got loads of great ideas for future themed boxes so we can truly have a gift box to suit even the hardest person to buy for!  Follow us on Instagram frombrum.withlove or subscribe below to make sure you’re in the loop about future releases.

Also, if you've got any zany ideas as to what the theme of our next box should be or a recommendation of a product that we should include in our gift boxes, we'd love to hear from you. Please reach out to us on Instagram or drop us an email at