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Birmingham's independent gift box company - FREE SHIPPING!
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What's in my Box?

Congratulations on being the recipient of a gift 'from BRUM with LOVE'.

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We'd love to tell you a bit more about the gifts in your box and who made them. Scroll down to learn more about what's in your box...


Beyond Your Skin

Alice makes planet loving, top quality, ethical soaps - with every bar of soap sold another is donated towards alleviating hygiene poverty! If that sounds good, wait until you get your hands on one of her perfectly perfumed soaps.


Birmingham Balti Bowl Co.

To say founder Andy is passionate about baltis is an understatement. The man reckons he’s had two thousand baltis in his life - that’s one a week for 40 years!

So when he makes a balti bowl and balti spice we’re inclined to believe it's the best we’re going to be tasting any time soon. 


Birmingham Brewing Company

These guys care about high quality beer, from the finest ingredients brewed with Welsh Mountain water, that brings people together to enjoy. This is part of why they make all their beer vegan and gluten-free, with this delicious low-alcohol beer available so no one needs to miss out! 


Birmingham Stationery Co.

Amrit and Muhammad are the founders of this establishment and have big dreams for the future. Their notebooks are bound in their Jewellery Quarter studio and exude quality with their ornate Japanese covers. Shop directly with them to design your own personalised notebook or stationery. 


The Chocolate Quarter

If you are lucky enough to go and visit Maninder and her team at her Jewellery Quarter shop, you are in for a real treat. This family run business showcases every chocolate luxury imaginable without skimping on quality. The Aztec hot chocolate on tap for tasting is not to be missed.



‘Epicuriosity' is run by three of the friendliest and most encouraging people we have ever met; Stacey, Aairon & Claire. These guys are pioneering great tasting dips and rubs and totally got us hooked on the Pineapple Jerk rub transforming the humble sweet potato wedge into a moreish mouthful. Have a look at their full range of dipping sauces and rubs for something to suit your spice and flavour preferences.


Kneals Chocolates

Neal has a contagious enthusiasm for chocolate tempering, which he has caught his partner Gaëlle up in. Together, they now run a delicious chocolate company that pops up at markets across Birmingham. A number of their chocolate bars have won Great Taste Awards, and he is particularly proud of Kneals vegan chocolate range. 


Let it Bee

Run by sisters Jane & Gillian these two are buzzing about anything to do with bees! Jane extols the virtues of bee products & bee keeping - her hand balms are unBEElievable!


Pip's Hot Sauce

To say Pip is passionate about spicy sauce is an understatement. She always has a cauldron of the next batch on the go and has been hailed by many as a 'brummie legend'. Her sauces have won Great Taste awards and are fruity, smokey and spicy in just the right way.


Oh So Soap

Founder David is a man of many talents; a teacher and a soap maker extraordinaire. Having also had a career as a graphic designer, there's no wonder his branding is so 'on point'. The exfoliating sisal bag elevates these fragrant soaps to the next level, revolutionising your shower experience.


Quarter Horse Coffee Roasters

Quarter Horse has been going from strength to strength, with their locally roasted beans popping up across the city. The cafe on Bristol Road, next door to the roaster, is a favourite brunch spot with their fabulous flavour combinations taking dishes to the next level. 


Rea Valley Apiary

Sharif & Roman are award winning apiarists - that means ‘bee keepers’ to you and me. They regularly win awards for the quality of their honey and help local establishments boost their environmental credentials by installing hives on their grounds.


Yorks Cafe & Coffee Roasters

Coffee from Yorks has been home-roasted for the past 5 years, and was one of Birmingham's earliest roasteries. Their cafe where you can enjoy a silky smooth coffee also brings soulful food, inspired by the team's travels.